Announcing Salesforce Learning Paths, Reinventing Workplace Learning for the All-Digital World

  • Salesforce Learning Paths help employees succeed from anywhere with personalized learning directly in Salesforce
  • According to new reasearch, 59% of employees have had fewer opportunities for workplace learning since the pandemic; 76% prefer to learn in small moments throughout the day than via formal training
  • Customers including Elekta and United Utilities are using Salesforce Learning Paths to onboard and skill up employees across their organizations

Salesforce today announced Salesforce Learning Paths, which powers personalized learning in Salesforce so employees can learn in the flow of work, when and where they need it most.

The last year has changed the way we live, work and do business forever. We’ve entered an all-digital world where Zooms are the new meeting rooms and kitchens are the new call centers. At the same time, companies are rapidly accelerating their digital transformations and need a workforce with the skills for the future. Employees want to learn on the job wherever they choose to work, but are finding fewer opportunities to develop their skills outside of the office. According to new research, 59% of employees say they’ve had less access to workplace learning since the pandemic.

Introducing Salesforce Learning Paths

Salesforce Learning Paths Workflow

Salesforce Learning Paths powers personalized learning in the flow of work, directly in Salesforce

Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform, has helped more than three million people learn new skills for the future of work. Trailhead’s success led to the launch of my Trailhead, which allows companies to leverage the Trailhead platform to build and deliver their own learning content to onboard and enable their sales and service teams. 

Now with Salesforce Learning Paths, companies can integrate these learning technologies directly into Salesforce, empowering employees with the on-the-job learning they need to connect with their customers across sales, service, marketing and commerce in the all-digital world.

Seventy-six percent of employees would rather learn in small moments throughout the day than in a formal training. Salesforce Learning Paths allow employees to work and learn seamlessly in a single Salesforce environment. They can tap into Trailhead, myTrailhead and external learning resources – including bite-sized videos and gamified quizzes – to learn what is needed, when it is needed. What once required a full week of training can now be accomplished in small moments of learning in the flow of work throughout the day. 

Business leaders and managers can personalize learning according to an individual, role, team or for the entire organization, helping employees reach their development goals and organizations build workforce expertise. 

In addition, employees can take control of their career development with the new Learning Home in Salesforce, where they can view assignments, track progress and discover new learning paths as they build skills and knowledge.

Salesforce Learnings Paths Workflow

The new Learning Home in Salesforce allows employees to view assignments, track progress and discover new learning paths as they expand their skills and expertise

Unlocking learning in Salesforce

Salesforce Learning Paths give companies the ability to:

  • Learn directly in Salesforce: Surface relevant learning content in the context of employees’ work, at the moment they need it most
  • Personalize learning: Tailor content for specific individuals, roles, teams or for the entire organization
  • Drive and analyze engagement: Engage employees with gamification, assignments and leaderboards that analyze learning progress in real time

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